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Portable Ultrasonic
Cool-Mist Travel Humidifier
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Product Overview:

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Power/ Voltage: 110V/ 60Hz
Power Use: 3 Watts
Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 3"
Weight: Less than 1 lb.
Tank Size: 5 fl. oz.
Mist Capacity: 1.25 fl. oz.
Operation Time: 2.5 hours
Automatic Shut-off
Automobile Travel Kit Included
Ideal for Personal Humidification
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MiniAire Humidifier

The 'Must Have' Travel Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Air Humidifier!


As seen in Alberta Venture Magazine!

This palm-sized humidifier fits right on the edge of your desk!
It's fine cool mist provides instant relief to parched throat and flaky skin from dry office air. Can also be used in your car or while traveling!
Makes a great gift! 


Features and Benefits


Click to view actual size.
"Just want to tell you how pleased I am with the MiniAire Humidifier that I purchased from you.  It has helped quite a bit.  Several of my coworkers have seen and hopefully will be placing orders.  It really has helped my sinuses.  The air in my office is very dry and your humidifier adds just enough moisture!!  Thanks for such a good product."
- C. Allsbrook

Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Personal Travel Humidifier


Extremely Portable
  • Home: The MiniAire is so lightweight (less than 1 lb.) and compact that it can be moved with you from room to room to more effectively add humidity to your immediate personal space.
  • Office: Place the MiniAire on your desk to ensure proper humidification and alleviate the effects of dry air in your office or workspace.
  • Travel: Each MiniAire comes complete with an 110V AC adaptor (wall outlet) and a vent mount attachment and 12V DC adaptor for vehicle use. Simply place the unit in the holding cup, plug it into your cigarette lighter, and humidify the air in your vehicle while you travel!

The MiniAire is perfect to take along when you're visiting people who don't have a humidifier, or for when you may be staying in dry hotel rooms! Makes a great gift as well!


Vehicle Use Travel Package


The ONLY humidifier that can be used while driving!


"The MiniAire has been a life saver!...I used it all the time in my car and tell everyone I know about it! Thanks for a great product!" - Don W.
  • The revolutionary design of the vehicle vent mount allows you to use the MiniAire while traveling. Humidity is circulated through your vehicle by the air vents allowing for contained humidification while you drive. You'll enjoy over 2 hours of cool mist while you travel.

  • The compact size of the MiniAire (5"x3"x3") and weighing less than 8 oz. allows you to easily pack the unit in a suitcase, briefcase, or handbag. All you need for use is water and an electrical outlet!

Targets Breathing Zone Faster

Immediate Relief
Research has shown that local humidification (small units placed near where you sit or sleep that direct humidity into your breathing zone) is more effective than increasing the humidity in an entire area when treating cold and flu symptoms.

"I recently purchased a MiniAire humidifier and wanted to say thanks for such an amazing product.... our doctor recommended getting a humidifier. We thought the MiniAire would do the trick because of the local humidification information on your site.  It has definitely helped! ...a great investment... at such a great price!" -A. Ricks, NV

  • The MiniAire humidifier is specifically designed for personal use within a single room or area. Because of its compact size, (only 3" x 3" x 5") it can be placed next to you to safely and effectively target your breathing zone.

Ionic Antibacterial Water Filter

Clean Cool Mist
  • The MiniAire humidifier contains an ionic antibacterial water filter that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and calcium build up providing clean cool mist for you to breathe.
  • Each MiniAire comes complete with an ionic antibacterial water filter and 8 wick inserts. If used as directed the ionic water filter will maintain its quality features for one full year!


Lightweight & Extremely Portable

Take It With You!
The MiniAire weighs less than one pound when filled with water making it completely portable. It can quickly be taken from your bedroom, to your car, to your office or while you travel!
  • The compact size of the MiniAire allows you to take it with you in either a suitcase, briefcase or handbag. All you need for operation is a water and electrical source!
Say 'goodbye' to dry hotel rooms, cubicles and even vehicles! The MiniAire effectively humidifies your personal space where ever you are!

Automatic Shut-off

Important Safety Features
Safety features are an important part of any humidifier.
  • The MiniAire is programmed with an automatic shut-off feature. When the water used during operation has reached a low level, the MiniAire will automatically shut itself off thus protecting the electronic circuits and ultrasonic vibrating parts.
  • The exterior of the MiniAire is made of ABS plastic (environmentally safe), making it corrosion-resistant as well.

Low Cost of Ownership

Minimal Maintenance
  • The MiniAire humidifier requires very little maintenance. The water container is dishwasher safe (top rack) and should be cleaned every third day of operation.
  • Very energy efficient! Using only 3 watts of electricity, the MiniAire humidifier will cost less than $5 a year to operate.
  • Included with each MiniAire humidifier you will receive: 1 ionic antibacterial water filter, 1 wick, water dispenser, 110 V AC adapter (wall outlet), Vehicle Vent Mount Kit with unit base, locking clips and 12V DC adaptor (for cigarette lighter).

Extremely Affordable

Discount Pricing
As an introductory price, Humidifiers Direct is offering a great deal on this wonderful personal/travel humidifier!
The MiniAire is On Sale Now for $29.95 (Regularly priced at $69.95).
This includes free shipping to the continental US and Canada
$29.95 ea.
Whether shopping for yourself or your loved one, the MiniAire is sure to please! The MiniAire makes a great gift! Get yours today!


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